The history of the Granville Police Department goes back to May of 1806.  A military company was formed for the protection of the residents and property, and a Mr. Guilman was elected it's captain.  The following year elections were held for magistrate and constable, and in April of 1807 Elkanah Linnell became the village's first law enforcement officer with the title of 'constable,' assisted by George Stone.  Over time, the constable and police functions evolved into a marshal's office. 

The position of Marshal began to take a modern form on April 10th, 1865, when the Village Council appropriated funds to purchase the Marshal a 5 point badge.  In 1962 the Village Council renamed the organization as the Granville Police Department. 

The Granville Marshal's Office employees in the 1950's

The Granville Marshal's Office employees in the 1950's

We currently have 22 commissioned law enforcement positions, and 6 civilian employees.  We are committed to being a progressive and responsive agency which values all citizens and visitors, and which utilizes the best practices of Community Oriented Policing.  We are the primary law enforcement agency for the village, and for Denison University.

Two Granville officers in front of the Police Station, summer 2015

Two Granville officers in front of the Police Station, summer 2015


The offices are located at 141 E. Broadway, at the southwest corner of E. Broadway and Prospect Street.  Our phone number is (740) 587-1234. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ethical and professional police services to the citizens of Granville, and to those who are visiting our community. 

We strive to perform our duties in a professional manner, in the belief that good police service rests upon a foundation of goodwill; service to our fellow citizens; and an institutional culture of honesty and faithfulness.

Available police services

  • We currently patrol the Village of Granville 24 hours a day.

  • We will do home or business checks at your request. 

  • We conduct background checks and fingerprint services.

  • We take in unwanted weapons for destruction.

  • We meet with community members and are available for any Community Policing activity. 

  • We partner with Denison University's Safety Office to ensure student safety.

  • We monitor the roadways and pathways within Granville.

  • We provide officers for Special Details.